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This article will be reviewing one of many Oregon Cooking Schools, along with a wonderful cooking activity. Highlights of the Chefs of  Lincoln City and a review of several terrific restaurants follow. Finally topping the list of Things to do in Lincoln City , a review of the  Crabbing fun that visitors have enjoyed for many years.

Readers familiar with Cultural Oregon know that we love eclectic things. The manner in which two or more dissimilar things are brought together, this time by the keen imagination of the folks who are part of  the Oregon Coast culinary scene.

One of those eclectic mixes of outdoor activities combined with great food experiences.
Culinary Center Lincoln City Staff

Lincoln City, (map) a city on the coast has all the outdoor coastal recreation to make aficionados of outdoor activities at any level happy.

At the same time, it is becoming a destination spot for foodies – folks who are current on the latest trends in fine cuisine.


The Culinary Center of Lincoln City

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The driving force behind this eclectic pairing is a fun beach and the Culinary Center of Lincoln City (map). If you have an interest in the Oregon Coast Culinary scene, the Culinary Center has an activity for you.

It might be a demonstration, a class or a competitive cook-off. Activities are diverse and held under the watchful eye of the Culinary Center’s director, Chef Sharon Weist.

Chef Weist is an alumnus of the Midwest Culinary Institute, a well-known school of culinary arts in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her experience includes fine dining at the Great American Ballpark, Executive Chef at the Ft. Mitchell Country Club in Kentucky as well as instructor at the Midwest School of Culinary Institute.

The chef makes sure to combine her teaching experience and practical experience to create exciting demonstrations type classes that involve hands-on activity from participants. The classes are devoted to local fresh foods.

The Culinary Institute of Lincoln City has classes that you might call typical – groups of friends or families to share a fun experience. But, the Chef also has developed classes for organizations or businesses are interested in for team building.

To register for a class or to have the Institute create a special group event for you, call them at (541) 557-1125

The Center also is host to four events each year, they are cook-offs:

  • Jambalaya – January
  • Fish Taco – May
  • Wild Mushroom – October 12, 2012
  • Fish Chowder – November 10, 2012

These four events are among some of the Lincoln City Oregon things to do that foodies can sink their teeth into.

These events are free for guests and are a great way to sample some great local restaurants that serve locally sourced Pacific Northwest foods.

A full compliment of  things to do on the Oregon Coast may be found on Cultural Oregon.

The Chefs of Lincoln City

On your list of things to do in Lincoln City should be a visit to several of the finer eateries in town. Within the Oregon Coast food scene, there are many extraordinary chefs at restaurants in Lincoln City. While Cultural Oregon can only highlight a couple, rest assured you will have to search hard to find a bad meal in the Lincoln City area. Chefs are who make the Oregon Coast culinary scene so great.

Rob Pounding is the Chef and owner of both The Blackfish Café and the Rockfish Bakery located in Lincoln City, Oregon. Winner of numerous awards, Chef Pounding also is a co-founder of the Culinary Center in Lincoln City. He was named one of the top ten chefs in the Pacific Northwest by NW Magazine. He was a guest chef at the well-known Beard House in New York City and often is a guest chef presenting Pacific NW dinners often in venues in Hong Kong.

Justine Wills and his wife Stormee long dreamed of having a restaurant of the Oregon coast that would take advantage of local grown and caught food products. Their dream came to fruition with the opening of their Restaurant Beck named after their young son. Justin is a graduate of the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park in New York. He worked in many fine restaurants in New York, Dallas, Denver and Portland.

In 2009 Restaurant Beck opened to rave reviews. It is located at the Whale Cove Inn, a bit south of Depoe Bay. The only thing that comes close to the food at Restaurant Beck are the views.

In 2011, Chef Wills was nominated by Food and Wine Magazine and CNN as the Peoples Best New Chef.

Crabbing and Clamming in Lincoln City

We began this story discussing how eclectic activities in Oregon can be. Certainly, there is nothing more eclectic than combining crabbing and clamming with eating fine foods. But, Oregon is full of surprises and Lincoln City has just the thing for ambitious foodies who want some fun outdoor activity before they eat great fresh Pacific Northwest Seafood. It is called – getting the ingredients yourself.

Crabbing is easy; you just need a few things that you can pick up in Lincoln.

  • Crab ring net
  • Bait
  • Measuring Gauge
  • License

Every item on your crabbing list can be found at Eleanor’s Undertow on SW 51st. Also the regulations about crabbing are posted on the dock at SW 51 st .

The best places for crabbing are Siletz Bay and the Siletz River at the south edge of town. The best time for crabbing is one to two hours before or after low tide.

Clamming is also loads of fun and very easy. Digging for clams can be done anywhere on the beach. Low tide is the best time to go after them as they leave tell-tale bubbles in the sand. There are two kinds of clams in Lincoln City waters; they are large soft-shell clams or the more prevalent but smaller purple varnish clams.

A great Lincoln City seafood meal is steamed clams and grilled crabs – cost of ingredients – $0.00!

There really is no doubt that Lincoln City and environs is just the right blend of beach and culinary activities for any self-respecting foodie.

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