Portland Festivals In October

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Portland festivals in October is featuring Portland Open Studios and Wordstock as its major events of the month.

Our previous fall festival post described Portland’s kick-off into the fall festival season with three favorite annual September festivals and the announcement of the moving of Portland’s Fashion Week from October to September.

During Portland festivals in October, the city is in a holding pattern. She is recovering from a rush of festivals with some overlapping dates and preparing for the end of the fall and the start of winter festivals. November and December are huge months for Portland Festivals and there is a need for tedious and painstaking planning.

Nevertheless, you will not be disappointed during October. There are fewer Portland fall festivals in October than in any other month of the season. But there are two that deserve closer examination and are not to be missed.

Portland Festivals in October gets started with Portland Open Studios.

Oregon attracts artists who work in every medium one can imagine. Portland, Oregon has become a magnet city for many artists born in Oregon or who have migrated here. The city’s rich environment of history and the contemporaneous, agriculture and industry and the complex mix of people living together in harmony serves to inspire the art community. In recognition of the importance of the art community to all of Portland, the city pays its respects to the art community every October.

This Portland festivals in October event is Portland Open Studios. Over two weekends in October visitors to the Portland Open Studios Event visit up to 100 artists that work in Portland, Oregon and the nearby metro area. This event is for the true lover of art. Artists working innumerable disciplines take the time to not only show you their creative work but also explain their unique creative process, allow you to visit their workspace and chat with them about their art, the art scene in Portland, and what it means to be an artist in the city.

The tours are self-guided, but maps and/or Smartphone apps are at all New Seasons locations and local independent art stores Muse, Collage, I’ve Been Framed, and Columbia Art Supplies. Tour guides are also available online now for download. There are several options for purchase and your guide map is your admission ticket.

Most artists have some of their art available for you to buy. Most sellers accept cash and personal checks and some even take credit cards. The artists keep 100 percent of their sales price and pay no commission to event sponsors.


The Wordstock Festival is a deliberate play on the world famous music festival of the mid-20th century known as​ Woodstock. A gathering of fans and bands paid homage to the music of a generation seeking a better world through music, love, sympathy, and empathy. Even anger played well at Woodstock, with some bands and artists using their talent to loudly rail against authority and the status quo.

But more than anything, Woodstock celebrated music and that is what is will be remembered for always.

What Woodstock is to music is what Wordstock wants to be in the written word. The prose is songs not set to music. They too tell stories of what is right and wrong, love found, love lost, adventure, travel, drama, action, history, and more are all brought alive with the written word.

Wordstock began in 2005. Yet, it has grown to be the largest festival of literature and literacy that takes place in the Pacific Northwest. Every profession and trade involved in publishing attend this festival of words and books. Highlights include a series of workshops to improve the knowledge and skill of contemporary writers and it is called Wordstock for Writers.

There are writing workshops for all levels of writers including children. There is no charge for kids under age 13 to participate in Wordstock.

Just like fans meet with artists at Open Studio, authors at Wordstock share with audiences writing tips, chat about their profession and help people better understand the miraculous things an author can do.

With Open Studio and Wordstock as the October festival anchors for Portland, the month is exciting. The city fills with the colors of its artists and with colorful writers and other visitors from the publishing industry adding to the wonderful mix of culture that is Portland at its core.

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