Railroad Excursions: The Authentic Wild West Lives!

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Oregon has several excellent railroad touring trains. For those who want a fun, nostalgic experience; a ride on one of these tours offers a great thing to do on your vacation. Families, history buffs, railroad enthusiast or those out for a simple day trip will find railroad touring to be an especially thrilling activity.

Over the years the great railroads and the historic significance of rail travel in the west has been all but lost, but through these scenic Oregon train rides, visitors can experience this charming way of travel.Cultural Oregon has included the Mount Hood Railroad, Eagle Cap Train Excursions and Sumpter Valley Railway Tours in our review of wonderful train experiences to take a look at as you rediscover the wild west of Old Oregon.Picture Mount Hood Railroad


Mount Hood Railroad

The Mount Hood Railroad is a wonderful opportunity for people to explore Old Oregon’s railroad past. All trains depart and arrive at the Mount Hood Railroad depot. Children, along with their parents are going to treasure this outing.
Reservations are necessary for all brunch and dinner trains. Apart from air-conditioned and heated cars, most of the trains have restroom facilities for your comfort. To taste the magic of a trip that Mother Nature would envy, you can dial 800-872-4661 and learn more about Train Car Chartering services, plus the Dome car, New Club Car and Parlor Coach Cars seating arrangements.

The Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, Labor Day Weekend Day Carnival Extravaganza, Western Train Robbery, Rockin and Rollin in the Rails, Autumn Fall Colors Festivals, Holiday Lunch Scenic Train Ride, New Year’s Eve Bash and Blossom Tour are all terrific reasons to just hop aboard and enjoy these year round events on The Mount Hood Railroad.

To know more about the costs and the schedule of all these events:https://www.mthoodrr.com/schedule.html


The only way to explore the breathtaking beauty of Northeast Oregon, its wildlife and its scintillating greenery is to board the Eagle Cap Train Excursions which operates from the Joseph branch situated in between Elgin and Minam Oregon. The 63 mile long Joseph Branch Railroad connects the Northeast Oregon communities of Elgin, Wallowa, Enterprise and Joseph with La Grande’s Union Pacific Railroad.

Eagle Cap Excursion Train covers the ecstatic wilderness spanning equally in and around the Grande Ronde River and the Wallowa River. After three and half hours and 39.5 mile long journey, the train returns to the Elgin station.

Picture Of Eagle Cap Excursion.

To book a ticket now, call Alegre Travel at 1-800-323-7330 or contact travel@alegretravel.com for more information on the reservations. Adults 18 to 59 will pay $75 for their tickets, with senior citizens (60 and above) the ticket comes to $65; and for youngsters 3 to 16, the ticket costs $35 each. The month of October will offer two events for the Eagle Cap Excursion Train. TheGold Rush Bandits Robbery Tour is available for the two trains that leave for the day and a Glorious fall foliage in the later half of this month.

For more information: http://eaglecaptrain.com/


While travelling through the two major towns of the Northeast Oregon – McEwen and Sumpter – the Sumpter Valley Railway will take you back to the classic past leaving behind the hustle bustle of the 21st century!

The Sumpter Valley Railway is open for all weekends and major holidays.The train leaves at 10 am and 1:15 pm from McEwen Station and departs from the Sumpter Station at 12 pm and 3:15 pm in the weekends. On the occasion of Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day Weekends, the train leaves at 10 am, 12:30 pm and 3 pm from the McEwen Station; 11:30 am, 2 pm and 4:30 pm from the Sumpter Station.

The costs of the trips are the cheapest and the best one can find for a round rail trip in this part of the country. It costs $15 for a round trip and $10 for a one-way trip for adults belonging to the age-group of 17 and above. Senior citizens above 65 years of age, pay $14 dollars for a round trip and $9 for a one-way trip individually. $9 per head for a round trip and $6 per head for a one way trip for children are the fares for kids of 6-16 years of age. A family round trip costs $40 for a round trip and $30 for a one way trip. To get a better idea about the entire Sumpter Valley Railways: http://www.svry.com/index.html.

Picture Of Sumpter Valley Fall Rail Trip

Additional information concerning the  Oregon Wild West is available!

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  1. Colette says:

    An update to this list would bethe Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad in Tillamook County (http://www.ocsr.net/) which just started operation in 2013.

    Gotta love a good train ride. 🙂

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