The Pacific Ocean: Providing Seafood For Oregon Coastal Restaurants

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The folks who live in Oregon enjoy food that is locally sourced. They rightfully believe that locally sourced food products are fresher and that Oregon”s food producing industries often practice sustainable methods to obtain food products. Ocean fish are not an exception, and the Pacific coast fishing industry is an important provider of fresh food to Oregon and the country.. The Oregon fleet contributes more than 100 million dollars to the Oregon economy.

Fish as a primary food source is not new to Oregon. Thousands of years before the Oregon territory was settled, Native Americans relied on salmon, sturgeon and steelhead to provide a major portion of their diet. Experts estimate that before 1800, salmon and steelhead runs numbered between 10 and 16 million. Settlers to the then territory produced the first harvest of salmon commercially in 1823. By 1935, or just over 100 years later, the Oregon fishing industry was producing more than $240 million of fish annualy, most of which was salmon.

The fear of over fishing and the impact of ‘fish farming’ for salmon has more than halved the annual production of ocean commercial fishing. But fleets are still found in many Oregon coastal towns such as Depoe Bay, Newport, Waldport, Florence, Winchester Bay, Gold Beach, and Brookings. These Oregon ports supply fish other than salmon and steelhead such as crab, blackcod, oysters,halibut, albacore, pink shrimp, and several varieties of rockfish.

Chefs in Oregon’s restaurants prefer to put genuine Pacific Northwest fresh-caught fish on their menus. Frozen fish and fish imported from other areas of the country and the world do not compare to the flavor or freshness of the fish that Oregon fisheries can provide, they believe.

Oregon tourism benefits from its fresh fish reputation; and travelers will definitively enjoy these coastal Oregon seafood restaurants. Space precludes us from giving a complete list. If we have made an egregious omission, please note your recommendation in the comments or drop a note to

Cannon Beach Restaurant Recommendation

The Arch Cape Inn is located at 31970 East Ocean Lane, Arch Cape, Or map 800.436.2848. This charming bed and breakfast is only a few minutes drive from Cannon Beach. Though unusual, their restaurant is open to the public. If dining inside a castle is something you have never done, this will be an experience to remember.

The restaurant prides itself on using only the freshest locally sourced menu ingredients. Though their meals run the entire Pacific Northwest cuisine, seafood is their specialty. Their seafood includes fresh Dungeness crab, Pacific scallops and halibut that sparkle with sweet, clean sea flavors.

Reservations are strongly suggested. If you choose to stay at this lovely B&B over a weekend, you will have to take at least one dinner as part of package. The second night is optional for a meal, but, once you have eaten there you will likely want to do again.

Bay City hole in the wall restaurant?

From the outside you can easily mistake Pacific Oyster Bay City Restaurant as nothing more than a dive. (Remember, don’t judge a book by its cover.) Inside, the furnishings are Spartan. But, Pacific Oyster is most likely the best seafood place for lunch that you are likely to find anywhere. Sitting by the windows of Pacific Oyster, 150 Oyster Dr., Bay City,OR map- (503) 377-2323 you realize that you are at the end of a working pier for an oyster packing company.

Pacific Oyster is owned by Pacific Oyster Company, a large processor of oysters. Of course, oysters of all kinds are prominently featured on the menu. But, there are several other items to choose from such as: crab cakes, steamers by the pound, fish and chips, a cheesy crab melt sandwich on a croissant, shrimp or crab Louis, and filets of salmon or halibut.

When the factory is working it is fun to watch the folks shucking oysters, they are incredibly quick. There is also a seafood market here so you can buy true Pacific Northwest seafood to take home. Pacific Oyster is well known to locals and usually stumbled upon by visitors. They are open for three meals a day but closed on Saturdays.

Lincoln City

Fathoms Restaurants is located on the 10th floor of the beach side resort, The Inn At Spanish Head Resort Hotel. It is at 4009 SW Highway 101. Lincoln City, Oregon.  Map 541-994-1601. Fathoms restaurant is under the direction of Chef Ken Martin. Before we get to the meals let us note that the ocean views from this tastefully decorated restaurant are outstanding. The name of the restaurant and the view lead you to expect an dining experience featuring seafood.

You will not be disappointed. Featured menu items include: crab stuffed halibut in a Bearnaise sauce, a Coconut and Macadamia Nut Crusted Halibut with a Thai peanut sauce, battered halibut served with mango pineapple salsa or tartar sauce, salmon (grilled, poached or blackened) in an orange chipotle glaze,  seared ahi tuna with a mango pineapple salsa and  blackened ahi tuna.

The culture of Oregon has been intertwined with sustenance offered by the Pacific Ocean  for thousands of years. Restaurants like the few we have mentioned along with scores that we did not continue to rely on the Pacific Ocean for great and sustainable foods. Try some Oregon seafood soon.

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